How to Set Up E6 Connect


Use the following steps to set up the KIT for use with E6 Connect.

1. Set Up and Configure Your KIT

If you are setting up your KIT for the first time, start with the following video:

VIDEO: Unboxing and Setting Up Your KIT for the First Time

NOTE: You must pair your KIT using the Full Swing app prior to using E6 Connect.

If you already own a KIT, please proceed to Step 2.


2. Update the Firmware on your KIT

stop.png E6 Connect requires firmware version 1.15 (42) or higher to function properly!


If your KIT is connected to Wi-Fi, firmware updates are automatic. See the following help articles if you need assistance:

How do I check the firmware version of my KIT?

How to Update the Firmware

How to Manually Connect, Configure, or Change KIT Wi-Fi


3. Redeem Your E6 License

When you purchase E6 Connect from the Full Swing web store, a license key will be emailed to you. The following video shows you how to:

  • Download E6 Connect
  • Create an account
  • Redeem a license
  • Connect to your KIT

NOTE: To proceed with this step, you will need the E6 License Key you received in the email.

To purchase a license, click here then scroll down to see the license options.


4. Placement and Alignment for Indoor Use

The following video shows you how to:

  • Start the Target Alignment Feature
  • Locate your Aim Line
  • Placement of Net/Screen, hitting mat, and KIT
  • Align your KIT for optimal performance

NOTE: Both the E6 and Full Swing apps must be closed prior to alignment. (click here for help)


5. Start playing E6 Connect

  • Open the E6 Connect app on your iPad or iPhone
  • Connect to your KIT
  • Start playing golf!

For information about using the E6 Connect software, see the online E6 Connect User Manual.

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