How to Start a Practice Session with a New KIT

When starting a practice session, the player can choose to connect to an existing unit or pair with a new unit.

  1. From the default Practice tab, tap the Start Practice Session button to open the Session Setup screen.
  2. If no units are paired in the Launch Monitor Device field, tap the add (+) button.
  3. Follow the prompts to pair the unit.
  4. When the Full Swing Wants to Join Wi-Fi Network pop up box appears, tap the Join button.
    Note: When the app is fully connected there will be a green check mark and the KIT battery level.
  5. Select Outdoor environment. (Indoor coming soon!)
  6. Set the session location, if desired.
  7. Tap the Start Session button to begin the session.
  8. Confirm the placement of the KIT is lined up with the diagram, then tap the Dismiss button.
  9. Select or add a club, then select one of the following:
    • Tap the Use a Selected Club button. Use an existing club or tap the (+) button to add a new club to My Bag.
    • Tap the Use Club & Set Target button and follow the instructions to select and set the target line.

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