How to Update the Firmware

New firmware updates will automatically download and install when the unit is connected to Wi-Fi. Download time is dependent on Internet speed. Following download, firmware
installation could take 15 minutes or more to complete.
Note: The LED flashes amber while the firmware installation is underway. Do not power off
the unit after the firmware installation begins and until installation is complete.

  1. Ensure the unit is plugged into the charger but do not power the unit on.
    Note: Firmware updates will automatically download and install while in charging mode.
    If the KIT is fully powered on (with the LED bar pulsing blue), the firmware update will
    download; however, installation will not happen until the next time the KIT is powered
    on or off.
  2. Ensure the unit is connected to Wi-Fi.
    Note: If unsure, tap the Power button to view Wi-Fi indicator in the upper, right corner.
    For additional information, see How to Manually Connect, Configure, or Change KIT Wi-Fi
  3. Allow any firmware updates to download and install prior to operating the unit.



Note: An amber LED indicates that the firmware is currently updating. However, if the LED
is pulsing blue, do not power off the unit because installation is underway.

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