Using Multi-Cam Recording Mode

In a previous article we described the initial setup steps to get your KIT working with Onform. In this article we'll cover how to use the Multi-cam feature for recording multiple angles simultaneously and wirelessly while also capturing ball and club data from the KIT.


To use multi-cam, set one device's recording mode to LAUNCH-MONITOR, this will be your primary device as shown below.


Next, set your 2nd device to AUXILIARY-CAM, in this case an iPhone, and you'll quickly see a message that it has paired with the primary device, in this case, an iPad.

Making sure the KIT is turned on and ready, Onform will connect with it and display a status message that the KIT is Ready:

You'll note that you can see a preview window in the primary device's screen showing the view from the secondary auxiliary device above.


Now you can take a swing and it will automatically capture every swing and record the data from the KIT directly onto the video.

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