Start a Practice Session

The below article goes over how to start a practice session within the Full Swing app. 


1. Download and install the Full Swing application (if not already done)


2. Tap the blue Start Practice Session button. 


3. No devices will be paired upon the initial start-up, tap the "+" symbol next to Launch Monitor Device.

  • ALREADY PAIRED TO KIT: Skip to Step 6

Start Session.png

4. Select Find Device. The app will search for nearby Launch Monitor devices (if powered on). 


5. Once the KIT is found, select Pair, then Finish


6. On the Session Setup screen, select Connect next to the Launch Monitor's ID. 


7. Full Swing will want to join the KIT's Wi-Fi Network, select Join. The Launch Monitor's LED should blink green once, then go back to pulsating blue. 

join wi-fi.png

8. Complete session setup by selecting Environment, Name (optional), Location (optional), and Normalization. 


Note: Temperature and Outdoor Ball Type coming soon! 


9. Once session setup has been completed, select Start Session. 


10. Select a club & set the target line. 


11. Begin playing! 

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