How to Unpair & Repair KIT from Apple Device

The below article goes over how to unpair and repair your Launch Monitor KIT from an Apple device. This solution may help if you are experiencing connection issues between the Full Swing application and KIT. 


1. Open the Full Swing app, and tap on the User Account & Preferences icon in the top left-hand corner. 


2. Select My Devices


3. Hold down on the Launch Monitor's ID, and swipe to the left. A minus sign should appear on the right-hand side. 

Unpair from App.png

4. Tap the minus sign and forget the device. 


5. Exit the Full Swing application and enter Apple iOS Settings > Bluetooth. 


6. Locate Launch Monitor's ID, then tap the "i" icon on the right-hand side and forget the device. 


7. Toggle Bluetooth OFF and then back ON. 


8. Force close the Full Swing app. 


9. Exit iOS Settings, and reopen the Full Swing application. 


10. Tap the blue Start Practice Session button and repair the device. 


For detailed instructions, watch the following video.


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