KIT Studio Assembly Guide

Please watch the enclosure assembly videos below. The first time setup process will require you to contact Full Swing Support one time. The Support Agent will remotely access your laptop to apply your license and make sure your configuration and connections are set correctly. Download the Full Assembly Guide PDF at the bottom of the page.


Basic Steps:

  1. Assemble your structure.
  2. Connect the Projector and Laptop to power and one another.
  3. Adjust the Projector image.
  4. KIT quick start and initial setup.
  5. Contact Full Swing Support - they will configure the laptop and apply your license.
  6. Connect the KIT to the Laptop.
  7. Begin Playing and Enjoying your KIT Studio!

Contact: +1-855-688-1100


A recommended internet speed of 50 Mbps and a signal strength of three bars or more are generally suitable for a smooth and reliable online experience. The KIT and Laptop need to both be connected to the same local Wi-Fi network for functionality.


Please see the enclosure assembly videos below.

12’ Assembly Animation:  

12’ Assembly Instructions:

10’ Assembly Animation:  

10’ Assembly Instructions:


Download the PDF below and follow the First Time Setup Instructions.

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