How to Setup and Redeem E6 Connect Product Key


Note: An E6 Connect license must be purchased prior to setup. Available Full Swing licenses can be found on the Full Swing Website. Additionally, E6 Connect + the Full Swing Launch Monitor can only be used with iOS devices, such as an iPhone or iPad.


  1. Download the E6 Connect application from Apple Store. 
  2. Obtain E6 Connect Product Key. The Product Key will be sent over via email after purchase.  
    • If unable to locate your product key, contact Launch Monitor Support at 1-855-688-1100.
  3. Create an E6 Connect account and redeem license.

E6 Connect.png


E6 Connect Portal:

  • Create account and login.
  • Select Licenses
  • Select Redeem Key
  • Enter product key and submit.
  • Access and login to E6 Connect app on iPhone/iPad.
    • Confirmation pop-up that License was Binded: No further steps are required. Follow prompts until at the menu page.
    • No confirmation pop-up:
      • Proceed to app settings, then info & help.
      • Tap on the red Simulator Binding button on the bottom.
      • Select Rebind from pop up.
      • Re-login to account and follow prompts on screen to rebind license.

E6 Connect App: 

  • Click Redeem.
  • Enter Product Key.
  • Click Ok.
  • Allow E6 Connect to use Bluetooth, then follow prompts to complete binding.

E6 License.png    Redeem Key.png


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