How to Connect the Full Swing KIT to E6 Connect


Note: Any active session in the Full Swing app must be exited prior to starting a game in E6 Connect to avoid connectivity issues. Additionally, the KIT must be paired with the Apple device.

  1. Redeem and setup E6 Connect product key. Refer to How to Setup and Redeem E6 Connect Product Key for details.
  2. Open E6 Connect app and enter application settings.  Connect KIT to E6 Connect.png
  3. Select Simulator, then Tracking Systems.
  4. Ensure Full Swing KIT is highlighted and then select Configure

Note: The Launch Monitor’s ID should appear under Available Devices.

  1. Tap the blue Connect button.

Result: The dot next to the ID will appear green, and a pop up will show confirming that the Full Swing KIT is connected.

  1. Tap the green Accept button until you return to the main menu.


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