How to Un-Pair/ Re-Pair KIT with iPhone/ iPad


  1. Enter the Full Swing app and tap on the profile icon in the top left corner (initials).
  2. Select My Devices and locate the Launch Monitor’s ID.
  3. Hold down on the ID and swipe slightly to the left until a minus sign appears on the right. Then, tap the minus sign and forget the device.
  4. Exit the Full Swing app and navigate to Bluetooth within iOS settings.
  5. Locate the device ID and tap the “i” on the right. Then, forget the device.
  6. Toggle Bluetooth OFF, and then back ON.
  7. Force close the Full Swing application. Refer How to Force Close the Full Swing or E6 Connect Apps for details.
  8. Re-enter the Full Swing app and follow the prompts to start a session to repair/connect to the KIT. Refer to How to Start/End a Session for details.
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