How to Complete a Firmware Update

When the firmware update is available for a KIT, a Firmware Update Required pop-up will appear within the Full Swing app. 

Firmware Update Required.png

1. Connect the KIT to Wi-Fi, if not already. This can be determined by observing the Launch Monitor's symbols in the top right-hand corner of the display screen screen (next to the battery symbol). 


2. Power the Launch Monitor DOWN. If the KIT is plugged into a charger, make sure to disconnect this BEFORE shutting down the Launch Monitor. 


3. Plug the KIT into the Full Swing supplied charger. Upon plugging it in, the LED should light up white and the Full Swing logo will appear on the display screen. This does NOT mean the Launch Monitor is powering on. 


4. The KITs LED will begin the flash orange once the firmware update is actively installing. At this time, do NOT power the Launch Monitor back on, disconnect it from Wi-Fi, or remove it from it's power source. 


Note: Firmware updates can take approximately 15-30 minutes. If an update takes longer than this, please contact Support @ 1-855-688-1100 or


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