How to Manually Connect, Configure, or Change KIT Wi-Fi

Connection to Wi-Fi is required for firmware updates to download and install, as well as for video playback recordings to sync with the Full Swing app. When connected to the Wi-Fi, these steps will automatically begin without being prompted. 


To verify if your KIT is already connected to Wi-Fi or not, view the symbols in the upper, right corner of the KITs screen (next to the battery symbol), this is where a Wi-Fi symbol should appear. 

  • If NO Wi-Fi symbol appears OR if the Wi-Fi symbol is greyed out with a slash through it: This means the KIT is NOT connected to Wi-Fi. 
  • Wi-Fi Symbol is visible and lit up white: The KIT is actively connected to Wi-Fi. 


Note: To modify Wi-Fi settings, the unit must be paired, and either in charger mode or powered on. If the KIT does not appear on the My Devices screen, reference How to Pair the KIT with iPhone or iPad.


1. Navigate to User Account and Preferences and select My Devices. 


2. Tap the ID to enter the Device Details page. 

Device Details.jpg

4. Tap the blue Change/Configure button under Wi-Fi Network


5. Follow the on-screen prompts to reconfigure/connect to Wi-Fi. 

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